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Dongguan wanuo electronics co. LTD
Dongguan wanuo electronics co., LTD., founded in 2013, is located in yantian city, dongguan city with convenient transportation. It is engaged in PCBA electronic board OEM materials and PCBA nano-vacuum coating waterproof treatment.
The factory has a number of excellent .......

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Dongguan wanuo electronics co. LTD
Address:east side, 2nd floor, building D, jingbo industrial park, tianxi road, yantian village, fenggang town, dongguan city
Mobile phone:86-139 2433 6963 86-133 1611 6621
Contact person:Mr.Tang




6 key points of quality control in PCBA processing

The PCBA processing process involves a series of processes such as PCB board manufacturing, component procurement and inspection of pcba incoming materials, SMT processing, plug-in processing, program firing, testing, aging, etc……
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How to choose PCBA processing factory?
Many customers and engineers don't know how to choose a suitable PCBA manufacturer. After all, PCBA is a very ...
Why should the PCBA board be cleaned?
During the processing of PCBA, solder paste and flux will produce residual substances. The residue contains organic ...
Why are PCBA foundry materials more and more popular?
The two modes of pcba OEM and pcba are always difficult for electronic product R&D companies. However, everything ...
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